Course Description:

A course that examines the interaction between Solution Focused Pastoral Counselling and the external Multicultural environment. The course will explore ways to reflect on the values and biases we bring to the task of counselling in the church setting. Special consideration will be given to the challenges of counselling that reflect the rich diversity of Society.

Course Objectives:       

Participants will develop the skill of counselling and coaching with a self-critical perspective on the general counselling and coaching environment


Course Description:     

A course that aims at enhancing the capacity of the preacher in sound Biblical interpretation with a focus on the teaching and preaching of the scriptures. The programme begins with an intensive building of capacity in Inductive Bible Study Methods. The aim is to enhance capacity to derive content from scripture, craft biblical content into sermons of various types, to the particular focus of exegeting a text of scripture from the pulpit in varying circumstances.

Course Objectives:       

  1. The course is designed to train the preacher to pay particular attention to the text of scripture via an inductive study
  2. The course will expose the preacher to various types of sermon outlines and will build capacity to develop the content from the inductive study into the various outlines


Course Description:     

A course designed to enhance the capacity of every Christian Leader for effective and efficient administration and management of a group or congregation. The aim is to engage the unique nature of the Church and the varied concepts that define the embodiment of a true holistic church and the approaches and duties that makes use of competent management and administration practices to grow the church.

Course Objectives:       

  1. The course is designed to train the Church Leaders to be effective in orgainizing and managing the groups/church with an understanding of the unique nature of the Church
  2. The course will expose the leader to the administration skills and competences needed to oversee a group/church
  3. Leaders will again develop strategies and approaches to organize and manage the group/Local church with propriety.
  4. Introduces the leaders to the need, drafting and implementing of strategic plan in the church.




Most people consider the study of law as the preserve of the privilege, yet law permeates all facets of life and forms the basis of all human relationships and activities. Others are of the view that the practice of the Christian faith is incompatible with the practice of law. However, the reverse is the case.

In the Church, like any human organization, there is the need for order and hence some forms of regulations are necessary. Moreover, the Church forms part of the bigger society and affects one other. As one enjoys the rights to practice his/her faith so he/she must know and understand the legal obligations required of him/her by the society. This course is designed to help Christian leaders acquire basic knowledge of the law so as to enable them practice their faith and various roles in the church within the context of the law and not fall foul of it.


Course Rationale            

As societies and churches grow, it becomes increasingly vital to gather relevant data for analysis and interpretation to influence decision-making. The capacity to apply the correct procedures and tools for gathering and evaluating data is a fundamental barrier that hinders church growth. This training is meant to provide participants with up-to-date information, skills, and tools for efficient data management in churches. 

Course Goal     

To equip church administrators and leaders with contemporary church data management skills for effective decision making

Learning Objectives    

  • To expose participant to contemporary Church Data Collection Methods
  • To expose participant to various contemporary statistical methods in collecting church Data
  • To expose participant to contemporary church membership and financial Statistics and Interpretation
  • To expose participant to PCG Strategic Plan and Reporting
  • To introduce participants to basic MS Excel in Statistics