The curriculum has practical. It is a Session of the Special Ministerial Training (SMT) course that aims at providing field opportunity for the formation of trainees by observing and doing in real-time context, under the watch of an assigned Supervisor. This Practicum supervisor is considered an Adjunct Faculty of RTC – a partner in the formation of the minister for the ordained ministry in the PCG.

The effectiveness of the practicum rests mainly with these Supervisors.

  • Each trainee shall be attached to a specific Congregation for each practice period.
  • The trainee will have guided access to all documentation necessary and relevant to each Practicum Course
  • Supervisors will introduce trainee to, assign participation and give opportunity to officiate or lead Church programmes relevant to the practicum and hold regular evaluation meetings with the trainee over the period, inspect and discuss assignments given the trainee with considerably strict attention.
  • Practicum Supervisors may attend to the welfare needs of the trainee and provide support where necessary
  • The practicum is to demonstrate the totality of the life of a Minster to the trainee for a fruitful learning experience: Prayer, Bible Study, etc. all of which are part of total spirituality,

Trainees are to PARTICIPATE in this practicum so as to learn by observing and doing in real-time context; FAMILIARISE with the life of a Minister; Be SUPERVISED in the assigned task so as to “learn right” from situations; and Be EXPOSED to Church documents.