The following chaplaincy activities and days of worship must be observed accordingly:

i. Commitment or Commitment Renewal Service

There shall be a “Commitment Service” at the beginning of every fresh entry to the Ministerial Formation at the Centre, which is equivalent to a Matriculation. Subsequently, there shall be renewal of commitment at the Sessions.

ii. Hymn Practice

These are sessions dedicated a comprehensive exposure to the history, theology and appropriate usage of the hymns of the church. Trainees get the opportunity to know other common tunes which can sing various hymns. The purpose is to enhance the music ministry of the Church through ministerial formation. Thus, equipping the saint to be liturgically relevant in contemporary worship.

iii. Morning Reflections

The morning reflection, which is observed from Monday to Friday is to build the spiritual life of the trainee. Themes are carefully chosen for specific periods during the training sessions. The morning reflection are mostly led by the faculty. The purpose is to help the trainee learn how to organize morning devotion in their various congregations and also to build the character of the trainees. It is a peculiar opportunity when the tutors minister to the trainees.

iv. Trainees Bible Study

The weekly Bible Study for trainees comes off ones a week throughout their stay at the Centre. A Topic and a book from the Bible are mostly selected for trainees to engage as part of their formation process. Trainees are mostly grouped into tens or more depending on their number on the admission list. The groups are assigned to specific place of meeting where all members are encouraged to participate. The Chaplain with the other faculty supervises these meetings. The purpose is to help trainees enhance their skills and competence in organizing Bible study in their congregations, designing and evaluating Bible study materials and finally shaping trainees understanding on what Bible study ought to be in the congregations. Trainees are assigned to specific assignment to present from their Bible Study time.

v. Wednesday Fasting and Prayers

Generally, Wednesdays are observed as Quiet Day or Reflection Day at the Centre. This is practiced through fasting and prayers. Both faculty, staff and trainees are encouraged to commit to it through full or partial participation. Trainees who are on medication are mostly advised to take their drugs while participating. Aside those on medications, the Centre makes provision for all those who may not be able to fast till noon to take their breakfast. At noon, majority of the trainees are allowed to go for their lunch while those who can continue until evening do so. The purpose is to inculcate in trainees the need to commit to spiritual disciplines such as fasting and prayers as a minister.

vi. Moments of Reflection

As part of the quiet day, trainees with faculty together reflect on a selected biblical theme or book. The Moment of Reflection involves singing of chorus and hymns, reading the Bible either silently or aloud, listening to talks on selected topic or theme from faculty or guest interspersed with prayers and personal reflections. It usually starts from 6:30am to 12:30pm each Wednesday.

vii. Alone with God

Under no strict supervision, trainees are encouraged to develop their prayer topics for supplication and intercession within the week. On such a day, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, trainees spread themselves across the campus and finding an appropriate place that suits each, prayerfully engage their topics with God through Jesus Christ. This is to enhance the spiritual life of the trainees and also inculcate in them, through practice the habit of praying for others, especially church members.

viii. Night of Corporate Prayer

All the trainees gather to pray for an hour as part of their training and formation at an assigned place. This mostly takes place on Friday, at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. This is to improve commitment towards corporate prayer in the congregation. That the minister will be fully involved in building the prayer life of the congregation. Selected topics or issues of concerned are assigned to selected weekly leaders to pray on.

ix. Divine Service on Sunday

The trainees join the Centre’s Church for worship on every Sunday. This service introduces trainees to different variants of worship forms and how to practice them to meet the traditional liturgical, contemporary liturgies and futuristic liturgical needs of the growing Church.

x. Night out with Trainees – Director’s Night Out

As part of the intention to minsters to the social needs of the trainees, there is a night out session designed for relaxation and socialisation between trainees and the faculty. The “night-out” programme is a ministry from the Director’s office towards the trainees and it is a tea time, with a movie session, or and interaction with the director or any guest so scheduled.

xi. Closing Ceremony

There shall be a closing service at the end of each session to officially close the session.